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Hi, I'm Natalie. 16. Holiday enthusiast, I love breakfast foods. Never look back unless you plan on going that way. I've never tried to block out the memories of the past, even though some are painful. Everything you live through shapes you into the person you are now.
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I know I maintain a food blog, but hey these candles sure do look tasty! This is a throwback photo to a craft sale I went to last winter. How beautiful are these candles?! I wanted to buy them all, but I already purchased candles that day :/ I did end up purchasing a slice of pie as well as an caramel brûlée candle though :D How awesome are those large pie candles though?! They look so real (and that strawberry pie candle is making my mouth water)!


Peanut Butter & Co. makes amazing products (my favourite being Cinnamon Raisin Swirl PB, but unfortunately I am out of stock) and Crunch Time is no disappointment! Shall we review? 

Price: Approximately $5.45 at Remark with a $0.55 cent coupon. Walmart sells some of PB&co’s other flavours a lot cheaper, but unfortunately Remark is the place in my city that sells Crunch Time (which is my mom’s favourite PB).

Taste/Texture: 10/10 The peanut butter base itself is creamy even though it’s natural and does not require any stirring! You WILL NOT find any excess oils floating around at the top of this PB and for once “No Stir Natural Peanut Butter” has actually stuck true to its name! It’s a miracle! So anyway, the base itself is smooth, creamy, and tastes like a sweetened natural pb which I find to be the perfect taste.  The added peanut chunks are salty and crunchy and combined with the smooth creamy PB creates the ultimate texture/taste combo ever invented! Who doesn’t love a savoury sweet and salty, smooth yet crunchy snack? This product is a peanut butter lover’s dream come true :’) I can’t believe it’s natural! 

Health Factor: 10/10 I love pb because you don’t have to eat a ton of it in order to gain nutritional value! 2 tbsp’s (one serving) of this peanut butter is sufficiently filling (although I’m a pb glutton so I always eat waaaaaay more than I should of it) at 180 calories. If you’re a natural pb fan just like me than you’re probably wondering if I wrote those calories out right, but yup I most certainly did! Only 180 calories for 2 tbsp’s of natural pb… isn’t that awesome?! Normally they contain 230+ calories for 2 tbsp’s! Also this product contains 15g of healthy fats, 2g of fibre, only 3g of sugar, and 7g of protein! Did I mention this heavenly product is 100% NATURAL?!?! Peanut Butter & Co. is my match made in heaven 😍

Value: 10/10 Even though this flavour is more expensive at Remark it’s still decently priced in comparison to most of the grocery store’s natural pb’s. Heck if I’m willing to pay $18 for a jar of Nut’s n’ More why wouldn’t I pay around $6 for PB&co? 

Overall: 10/10 This product makes my dreams come true! I love love love it ❤️ I am a pb fiend and am utterly picky about the tastes of my nut butter’s, but PB&co Crunch Time has passed my test ;) If you’re a pb lover or pbaholic just like moi then go buy yourself some Crunch Time! This product tastes great on crackers, bread, toast, mixed in yogurt, spread into/on top of frozen desserts, tastes great in baking, IS WONDERFUL ON HOMEMADE BANANA BREAD OMG, yummy spread on bananas and apples, great addition to oatmeal, etc. The sky’s the limit with Crunch Time. One of the tastiest nut butter’s I have  been fortunate enough to indulge in :’) 

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